Onco Psychologist
Ms. Sheena Sood

Health Psychologist and Counsellor

MSc health psychology from King’s College London; Postgraduate diploma in  counselling from Xavier Institute of Counselling Psychology(ongoing), BSc International relations from London School Of Economics( ongoing)

Pursued Master Of Science in health psychology from Institute of psychiatry,  psychology and neurosciences(IOPPN) King’s College London(2019). And is a member of the British Psychological Society. Her area of expertise was improving adherence to hormone therapy among women breast cancer patients. Sheena’s research project was based on the differences in reporting the impact of side effects of hormone therapy tamoxifen and aromatase inhibitors and illness perceptions related to hormone therapy within minority ethnic group of women and white women. It was extensive research under the programme director Dr Lyndsay Hughes and her Postdoctoral supervisor Dr Zoe Moon.

Further for her placement, she exploited various apps to support breast cancer patients and compared to the app created by Dr Lyndsay and Dr Zoe in collaboration with the Head Of Department Dr Rona Moss Morris. The app is myHT app educating breast cancer patients about hormone therapy and helping them adhere to it through various easy ways. Her entire course and placement were based at Guys Hospital where she interacted with patients and conducted a survey through questionnaires in phase one of the trial of the study through which the need of an app showed signs of being necessary for improving adherence.

Health psychology has gone beyond breast cancer and integrated it with palliative care and also involved the most well-known research on the same published by many well-known professors who are mentioned above.

After her masters, she worked as a volunteer psychological counsellor with the blind and autistic children at Happy Home and School For the Blind an initiative by Tata, Worli.

Presently she is pursuing her post-graduate diploma at Xaviers Institute of Counselling psychology, Colaba, Mumbai wherein Sheena is being trained as a wholesome counsellor with complete knowledge of REBT and CBT. Which were also taught at King’s college to help deal with anxiety and depression surrounding breast cancer.

Therefore her experience is an integration of counselling with breast cancer. Her knowledge is based on psycho-oncology where the awareness surrounding adherence to hormone therapy will be increased, anxiety related to removal, increase in volume or reduced beauty of breast and its impact on women will be addressed and palliative care surrounding irreversible or long term breast cancer cases will be created awareness about.

She has been an intern at KEM hospital under the head of unit Dr Neena Sawant and under supervision of clinical psychologists Dr Kaneenica Ninwane and Dr Priyanka Jagtap. Here she conducts clinical psychological testing on patients will
long term, short term ailments as well as deal in medicolegal cases.

As far as international relations from LSE goes based on the same she is in interaction with foreign diplomats like the Ambassador of China and Counsul General of Malaysia, Bangladesh, Israel, Turkey who are interested in integrating
breast cancer related app into their medical oncology sectors to make it easier for women specially in conservative communities to report the cases and get tested and