Ms. Shruti Mathur

Genetic Counselor 

Certified Genetic Counselor (Level – II) by Board of Genetic Counselors, India

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Shruti Mathur (Certified Genetic Counselor (Level – II) by Board of Genetic Counselors, India) has been practicing clinical genetic counseling for about five years. She is consulting genetic counselor with Dr. Lal Path Labs.

She got her initial training from Department of Medical Genetics, AIIMS, Delhi and completed specialization in Genetic Counseling from Department of Medical Genetics, Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru. She has been part of various research projects on pharmacogenomics from CSIR – IGIB, Delhi and India Institute of Sciences, Bangalore.

She had been visiting Genetic Counselor to various Hospitals such as Apollo Hospital, AIIMS, Medanta Hospital, HCG Hospital across different cities such as Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur. She had been associated to initiating and establishing genetic clinics across the country.

Her speciality includes analysis of family history and genetic information; determining laboratory services, appropriate genetic test referrals and counseling to help in making an informed decision. She has many talks and presentations on genetic counseling and testing to her credit such as:

  • Arbiter in a debate titled ‘Genetic Screening in young breast cancer patients is mandatory Debate: for and against’, ENDOSURG, March 2019, AIIMS
  • Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Cancers, Update in Oncology – X, February 2019, Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
  • Hereditary Conditions: Testing and Genetic Counseling, September 2018, HCG
  • ‘Multigene Testing for Ovarian Cancer: Clinical Utility and Genetic Counseling’, May,2018, Apollo Hospital, Delhi
  • Hereditary Breast Cancer Awareness, ASOMAcon, October 2017, AIIMS
  • ‘Role of Genetics in Cancer’, ENDOSURG,March 2019, AIIMS, Delhi
  • Panel Discussion, Breast Cancer Survivor Meet, October 2018, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital
  • Genetic counselling in hereditary cancers, October 2018, Medanta Hospital,
  • Panel Discussion, A complete health workshop, Cheers to Life, September 2019. Delhi