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Every day, people like you choose MBC for Breast cancer treatment. But it’s more than our decades of experience, top national rankings and leadership in cancer prevention that set us apart. It goes beyond our groundbreaking research and innovative clinical care that provide new therapies years before they become standard in the community.

It’s because we put all of our focus on you.

Director’s Message
Dr Tushar Jadhav - Director, Mumbai Breast Care

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer and second commonest cause of cancer related death in women across the world. The incidence is rising day by day. Hence It is perhaps the most researched, studied and published field. There is online infodemic about it. In the era of internet evolution, its just a click away. No wonder one gets misguided along the ocean of online information if not steered properly through regarding the facts of its causes, risk factors, preventive measures, diagnosis, treatment etc.

It is still a taboo among masses. Many are unaware that its curable. They need to be enlightened about the real facts. Society comprises of various people from extremely over conscious – anxious to callously negligent. Few are simply happily indifferent, and some are genuinely helpless due to lack of financial or family support.

About MBC

Mumbai Breast Care or MBC was founded by Dr. Tushar Jadhav (Surgical Oncology) and Dr Amit Patil (Plastic Surgery) in 2019.  We are a group of dedicated and highly experienced doctors who specialize in various fields of Senology like Radiology, Surgery, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Geneology, pain and palliative care, nutrition, physiotherapy, and much more. We offer end-to-end medical solutions for all kinds of breast related diseases. Presently located at Mumbai, we are associated with a number of distinguished partners in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region who are the best in their respective fields in order to provide our patients with comprehensive solutions.

“To be the most comprehensive Institute in Senology in Mumbai which provides every possible advanced facility to patients under a single roof”

Presently, we are closely partnered with some of the best imaging centers, Pathology labs and hospitals in Mumbai. Our primary objective is to utilize and regularize the best possible facilities dispersed across the city, and bridge gaps so as to increase their accessibility to our patients.

Holistic and comprehensive solutions

At MBC, our goal is to provide a one stop solution for all breast-related diseases which include benign conditions as well as the various forms of breast cancer. We aim to provide end-to-end care, beginning with prevention to palliation in Breast Cancer, and finally cosmetic corrections and reconstructions.

Efficient procedures driven by innovation, collaboration and cutting-edge research

We believe in providing our patients with the best possible care. We work towards developing the most efficient solutions with minimal invasive procedures. We also ensure the best possible course of treatment customized to suit each of our patients’ individual needs.

To this end, at MBC, we have dedicated resources towards developing and researching the latest advancements in medical science. Our well-coordinated teams comprise of passionate, experienced professionals who uphold patient care as their highest ideal and are well trained to deliver multidisciplinary treatment efficiently. Furthermore, we are also associated with prestigious institutes like IIT Bombay for various research projects.

Multimodal channels to facilitate immediate treatment

At MBC, we place a special emphasis on telemedicine. This facility, combined with our e-Tumor Board consultation, acts as an added benefit for distant patients seeking consultations. Through these services, we advise patients with an integrated approach to manage their individual conditions.

Spreading awareness

Senology is a relatively new and highly specialized field of Medicine, which is much needed in our community. We are committed towards spreading awareness on the prevention and treatment of breast cancer (as well as other breast related diseases) in the society at large.  Thus, MBC is actively engaged in various awareness and cancer detection camps where we provide training sessions to nursing staff and community workers.

Providing affordable treatment for all by establishing long term partnerships

At MBC, we firmly believe that each and every one deserves access to affordable quality care, irrespective of financial, economic, social or any other constraints. As a step towards this objective, we are partnered with a number of NGOs, trusts and foundations in order to provide quality care to economically deprived patients.

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A step by step guide
  1. What is Breast Cancer?

    Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells. To better understand breast cancer, it helps to understand how any cancer can develop.

  2. Myths related to breast cancer

    A large majority of women who come to our clinic harbor a lot of misunderstandings about breast cancer.

  3. Breast cancer risk factor

    A “risk factor” is anything that increases your risk of developing breast cancer.


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Specialized Doctors
Dr. Tushar Jadhav
Surgical Oncologist and Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon
Dr. Amit Patil
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Bhavin Visariya
Radiation Oncologist
Dr. Tanvi Zaki
Dr. Vaishali Zamre
Onco Surgeon
Dr. Pushpak Chirmade
Medical Oncology Consultant
Dr. Salil Patkar
Medical Oncologist
Ms. Sheena Sood
Onco Psychologist
Dr. Sunil Dhiliwal
Chief Clinician – Pain, Palliation & Homecare Services

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